For me, the most rewarding part of being a coach is when my clients get the RESULTS they desire! They are usually working on these areas when they come to me, gaining little to NO success on their own, yet inside… they know they can do it! They just need a  little help and guidance to get there, as we all do. 

With their permission, here are 3 success stories of real CLIENTS,
with real DREAMS and real RESULTS!

CAREER: One of my clients came to me in October 2019, as an up-and-coming artist in the high-end (and highly competitive) fashion/editorial makeup industry. She had made a career move into this field, as well as a physical move to New York City. Her career was growing, but not at the rate she wanted, and she had looming fears (as we all do). Fast forward to December 2019… we were over half way done with my 3 month program and she gets invited to all 4 Spring Fashion Weeks! That’s right… Paris, London, Milan and New York baby! She’s working a steady 4-5 days/week, versus 2-3 days when we started, AND she has moved up from “Assistant” to “Lead Artist!” She envisions working with J.Lo and Oprah… She already did an editorial for O Magazine and worked right hand to one of J.Lo’s makeup artists. The universe is bringing her closer to that dream and she WILL do it!! It was already in her, but with a deeper understanding of her power and how building dreams works… she brought forth her success, without being competitive with others. Skies the limit for her! She did the work to get the results, I simply helped guide her there. 

FROM THE DARK… TO THE LIGHT: When this client first reached out to me, he openly shared that he was in a “dark place” and was “not doing good.” He had been through a divorce 2 years prior after 15+ years of marriage, was now a single father of 3 children and had damaged his knee severely, ending his life-long passion of playing soccer. He had spent almost 2 years in isolation, depressed and unable to find a way out of his “dark night of the soul.” Yet, he was brave and reached out to me for help, knowing there must be a way! After only 4 weeks of working together, he began to see the light. He started reading, meditating, exercising to strengthen his knee and becoming the man that had become buried deep inside. He began enjoying his children again, embraced his new role as a father and even repaired the relationship with his ex-wife, so they could co-parent civilly. Not only did he find the strength in his knee, but in his heart and in himself! He decided to make a career move and do what he always secretly wanted… to coach others! Today he is living the life he once laid in bed sadly and only dreamed of. He is the amazing man he was born to be and can now help others do the same!

HEALTH & WELLNESS: I had the honor and privilege of coaching a lovely woman in her 60’s nearing retirement. She had been a single mom and Caregiver for years, always taking care of others before herself (very common for women!). When she came to me it was to prepare for retirement. Which we did, but even more… she found herself again! After 2 months of working together, she declared that she is the “happy, giddy young girl again (she) thought was lost forever!” She began focusing on ALL of her, including her health and well-being. She began dramatically losing weight by changing her habits, believing in herself and knowing she was worth it!!! She is now ready for retirement, feeling younger and more vibrant than she has in years! 

All 3 of these amazing souls will say… If they can do it! You can do it!!!  None of them have anything you do not have! They were simply coachable and took the steps needed to get the results! I am honored to have the gifts needed to guide them there through the proven Science of Human Transformation and all I have learned (and continue to) from my mentors.

So… what are you waiting for? Your dream is waiting, so go grab it!! Just do NOT do it alone. Open your heart, open your arms, expand your mind, so you too can have the life you deserve!

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