In my very first personal development event almost 20 years ago, The Landmark Forum, it was brought to my awareness that “people love to kill dreams!” Since then, it has fascinated me to see these “Nay Sayers” in action! I have also been grateful for the knowledge, so it has not had any power over my own destiny. 

HOW THIS SHOWS UP: You share a dream with someone you are really excited about and they reply something like: “That won’t work!;” “You won’t make any money at that!;” or “That’s already been done!” Most of the time, people are not even aware that they are killing your possibility. It is like a reflex! 


Most of the time, people have good intentions FOR you! When they are coming from fear, it is often based on their own past. They may have built a dream, had a hope… that did not work as they wanted to, so they are trying to protect you from the same. If they have not had this experience, it can still come out of their fear that you will try and “fail.” Either way, it comes out of their love and/or fear FOR you. They want the best for you and do not want to see you disappointed, hurt financially, or saddened by not reaching a goal you truly wanted. 


1- Mary Morrissey, arguably the best dream builder on the planet, teaches us to “be careful who you share your dreams with,” and “to ONLY share your dreams with others who are LIVING their dreams!” They will support you and say, “Go for it! You got this!” 

If you are unsure and contemplating sharing your dream with someone, you can take a breath and ask your higher self: “Do I share this dream with them?” You will hear a clear yes or no! Listen and trust it! 

2 – Dr. Wayne Dyer teaches us to, “expect disapproval!” Not everyone will approve of our dreams and decisions, but if we expect it to happen, it will not deter us from our path. He is not saying to be negative, simply to know that this is human behavior and it is impossible to please everyone! Just look at politics. A 52% win in an election is a “landslide!” That is only half the people, plus 2% agreeing! So, if you get half the people in your life to approve… you have a landslide! Woohooo!

3 – Know that there IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE and STAY THE COURSE! Failure is something human beings made up and it comes from an idea of how things are supposed to be. Imagine if Edison quit after his 9,998th attempt at making light! He says it best… “I did not have 9,999 failures. I found 9,999 ways that didn’t work!” On his 10,000th try it worked and lit up the world (thank goodness!)! 

4 – MOST IMPORTANTLY… DO NOT DO IT ALONE! Have a coach or mentor like myself on your side who has built their dreams, understands how it works, and will be there for you every step of the way. I would not be where I am today without my mentors and they all say the same about their own journey! 

So… knowing you cannot fail, what would you love to do?

Where is your spirit calling you to go? 

Whatever it is… do it! Go there!

Along the way, be careful who you share the dream with, expect some disapproval so it will not affect you, get a mentor, and always remember you cannot fail! Every step will take you to the next step closer to your vision, until one day you are there beautiful butterfly!

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