The Butterfly in Adrian Rose

I love WHAT I do and truly BELIEVE it is my highest calling to help beautiful souls like yourself transform into the next phase of your life, no matter what that may be: a new career, confidence, adventure, romance, happiness…! Working together, we will focus on the whole you: SPIRIT, MIND & BODY!

“What are you when you finally become a papillon, a butterfly?”

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I AM Peace, Love, & Power


“You know how to do all things thru your spirit, once you learn to listen…”

-Adrian Rose

The mind WILL lead us astray. The spirit will NOT! The spirit always leads us towards a life of abundance, love, freedom, and purpose.

This is a gift I learned starting in 2012 with the study of spirituality (not religion, but the science of the human spirit). I also dove deep into mediation, Yoga, Tantra, EFT (Tapping), and many other teachings. In time, I earned my to the Executive level on an internationally recognized spiritual organization as a Transformation Life Coach, serving the world thru helping thousands change their lives!

With gratitude and keen awareness, I discovered my most powerful gift: to empower YOU to hear the voice of your spirit, listen to it, trust it, and follow it to your destiny!

The Fascinating Butterfly Mind!

In 2004, I earned my Masters in Criminology (Psychology and Law) with the focus on Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Non-Verbal Communication, Mind Science, the Ego, and how the subconscious mind controls human behavior.

In addition, I have personal experience through loved ones who battle common disorders such as depression, bi-polar, autism… which inspired my formal education. I have a DEEP COMPASSION and ZERO JUDGMENT for any life challenge! I AM pure love and light! 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant”

-Albert Einstein

The Beautiful Body

Our body gives us the wings to fly to our dreams, deliver our gifts to the world, hug touch, love, nourish our bodies with delicious food, and experience pleasure!

It is a joy to share my vast array of knowledge to help you soar to your physical dreams! With almost 10 years of professional standing in the fitness industry, my knowledge consists of conditioning, Yoga, strength training, cardio, training, and core work.

I am NOT a Nutrition Coach, yet I can guide you in a perfect direction of exercise that you will enjoy, have fun with, DO, and therefore, get the RESULTS YOU LOVE!

“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.”

Dr Wayne Dyer

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I would love the gift of guiding your butterfly spirit to perfect harmony, peace, balance, and joy in spirit, mind and body! You deserve it beautiful!!!