Have you heard the age old saying: “You’ve got to see it to believe it!” This statement, as popular as it is, is actually the opposite of what the Universal Laws teach. 

The Truth (with a capital T!) is that you must BELIEVE it to SEE it! This is often the missing link to the Law of Attraction that people are unaware of, causing massive frustration. The very well known film, The Secret, spread like wildfire letting the world in on this law by informing us that if we vision something and take action… it will be ours! While this is partially true, the missing link to the formula is BELIEF! 

You must believe your dreams will come true in order to bring them forth. If any little part of you does not believe it… it will NOT happen. This is why you may hear many leaders in personal development tell you to, borrow someone else’s belief if you need to, until you believe it.” 

You can vision and take steps all day long, but without the belief, it is a waste of time. I have seen many people give up on their dreams because they do not know this crucial detail to manifestation. 

HOW SCIENCE PROVES IT REALLY WORKS: (1) You put a VISION out to the universe and it starts working to arrange energy, bringing the thing you want towards you. (2) The BELIEF is the vibrational FEELING that pulls your desire to you. (3) ACTIONS must be taken, moving you towards it. (4) As long as the vision remains consistent, with the belief and action… your dream will become a REALITY.  

However! If you do NOT believe your dream will come true, that negative energy will literally push the desire away from you like a repellant. 

Walt Disney knew this and left us with his eternal wisdom: “First think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare!” and When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” 

So now, I invite you to think of your dream. Do you believe with everything in you it will happen?

I do. Why? Because you can see it. Just like the Wright Brothers could see an airplane before any human being in history had taken flight… You too can bring your visions into reality, as long as you believe. 

Do not listen to anyone who tells you the opposite! Walt Disney himself was fired from a newspaper as a cartoonist for “not being creative enough!” Oprah was told she was “unfit for television.” And imagine what people must have thought of the Wright Brothers! They thought they could fly, those crazy guys! Thank goodness none of them listened and they believed, even when no one else would or could. 

We are all here for a reason. You were born with a purpose and unique vision only you can see. Your higher self knows how to bring it forth, step by step, but again… you must believe! 

I have seen numerous people create miraculous dreams with this knowledge and I am grateful to help my clients understand this on a deep soul level. They live it and are creating lives they once only dreamed of. You have that power too…. if only you believe!!!