What makes you different than any other coach out there?

Great question! While we are all different in our unique way (just like you are), my coaching does differentiate itself with my unique energy, powerful intuition, spirit, college education, life experiences, and years of personal transformation. I combine almost 20 years of MANY teachings from all over the world to give you RESULTS IN QUANTUM SPEED! Beyond my Butterfly Coaching program, I have dozens of programs and materials ready to serve your needs, for a special experience you need to create the life you love, inside and out!

You talk a lot about “spirit.” Are you a religious coach?

I honor religion deeply and have studied many beliefs for a deeper understanding of humanity, but I am not a religion coach. Other words for spirit are: intuition, higher self, wiser self…. It is my gift to assist you to hear that voice which knows all, to help guide you to the life you love! If you have a deep faith that is important to you, I would love to bless it as we journey together!

Can I sign up for just one month?

Well, we will make progress in one month and get results, but it is truly not enough for a full transformation. The minimum is 3 months to really let go of things that have been holding you back. You did not get where you are overnight and it does not change overnight either. I do strive to get you results quickly, in baby steps and sometimes big leaps, taking you from one life, to an entirely new one you design and love!

What are your prices?

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT I HELP AS MANY SOULS POSSIBLE, SO I OFFER MY PRICES VERY COMPETITIVELY! Butterfly Coaching investment rates vary based on how much time we are together, if it is a custom program, the standard program…

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! If we are called to work together, we will work the investment out!!!

Do you work with men or only women?

In spirit, there is no sex AND I work very well with men! It has been my observation however that the universe brings me women and a few very special, smart men!