I AM forever grateful for the beautiful butterfly souls I AM called to serve!

Adrian Placone has been a wonderful asset in my life, both personal and professional. She’s always telling me, “Arpita, you are a powerful manifester.” However, she helped me truly UNDERSTAND the whole picture through her Coaching. I am so happy that I invested in myself and had the right coach mentoring me. Because of Adrian, I was able to manifest so much more than I could possibly imagine. Adrian is loving, compassionate, considerate, understanding and she’s stealthy, in a good way, because you ask her a question on something and then she responds in a way where you not only get so many “A Ha” moments but she helps you LEARN to grasp that the answers are already WITHIN you, that was a major breakthrough for me. I highly recommend Adrian’s coaching, it’s an amazing investment for YOURSELF!!

Arpita B.

Six months into Adrian’s Butterfly Transformational Program, I am closer to reaching my dreams than ever before! As a vocalist and actress with goals of gracing the Broadway stage, I am attending auditions, receiving call backs. and most importantly, I find myself working and living in alignment with my highest calling. Anyone looking to embrace their truest selves and pursue their dreams will thrive under the love and light of her guidance. Thank you Adrian Rose!

Esme Ariel

Actress, Singer, & Songwriter, New York, NY

Adrian did more for me in my first 2 sessions than all my years of therapy. She gave me things to do and work on, with attainable goals. She is a luminous being of light!

Ann Frances

Artist & Yoga Instructor, Encinitas, CA

When I heard Adrian’s voice for the first time I just knew we were going to connect! This woman truly wants to transform your life and help you overcome your fears. Currently this is what I am working on and am already noticing a significant difference working with her only a month so far! I am so blessed to have her as my Life Coach because I am truly starting to fly like the Butterfly I am meant to be!

Chauntel Marie

Entrepreneur & Coach, Michigan