As young as grade school, we are taught about Newton’s Third Law: ”For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Put simply… THIS IS KARMA. 

When we do good in the world, spreading positive energy by expressing praise, gratitude, giving our love freely… it comes back to us!

The opposite is also true. When we put negative energy into the world by hurting others, stealing, cheating… it comes back to us! It may not always be exactly in the same form, and in fact, it can often be worse. 

In my own life, being an imperfect human being as we all are, I have experienced both positive (good) and negative (bad) karma. I am grateful and humble to say, I have much more good than bad, simply because I am naturally a loving, nonjudgmental and caring person who has helped others since birth. Today I do this professionally as an Empowerment Coach, so of course the laws bring good back into my life, yet when I make mistakes, the opposite is true. 

POSITIVE KARMA EXAMPLE: I donate my coaching services weekly through Meetup, helping to lift others up by teaching positive growth and spreading love. This lifts their vibration, which of course lifts mine (also karma). The universe has brought this energy back to me in various ways through this Meetup by bringing me clients who are in need of my services and invest monetarily.

NEGATIVE KARMA EXAMPLE: I “ghosted” the love of my life out of a deep fear, hurting him deeply. Over the next year, I had many forms of negative energy come at me and obstacles in my life that were not expected. The level of pain I caused him, was equal to the level of negativity the universe brought back to me. 

Knowing karma IS science, we must be consciously aware of the energy we put out into the universe. 

As Oprah Winfrey wisely has posted in her office: “I am responsible for the energy I put out into the world.” Going a step further, we could say, “I am responsible for the energy that comes back to me from the universe, because it is in response to the energy I already put out.” 

As humans, we experience negative emotions like anger, sadness… it is natural and we must experience it to grow. When you do, journal, meditate or go be in nature alone until it passes. Do NOT project it on another. Simply feel it in a healthy way. Then when it passes, be with others in your positive state. This way, you are not putting the negative energy into the world and you avoid the same karma.

In spirit we are perfect, yet in our humanness, we make mistakes. The important thing is that we learn and love ourselves through them. This does not give us a free pass to behave recklessly, because if we do… it will come back. So what we can do is learn from our mistakes, make amends where possible, and do our best to never repeat the same mistakes again. If bad karma comes our way, accept it and do good, knowing that the negative energy will be over, and good will come back to you again!

No matter what, always be aware that whatever energy you put out in the world, positive or negative… it WILL come back to you. It’s science. It’s karma! 

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