Have you either experienced or witnessed premature aging due to stress, where suddenly deep lines and/or gray hair begin to appear?

Just look at these pictures again!…

I looked YEARS older in my 30’s, than I do now in my 40’s! You can visually see the effects stress had on me emotionally and physically (yikes!). And, in case you are wondering… I have not had surgery, did not Photoshop the 2020 picture, nor did I use special makeup. In fact, I am wearing the exact same Bare Minerals makeup in both pictures!

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? The simple answer is… happiness! When we feel happy, practice self-care and minimize stress, we can actually reverse the signs of aging!

The more complex answer comes from science. In 2009 a Nobel Peace Prize was won for this incredible discovery! Scientists proved our DNA has “telomeres” at the end of them (like plastic at the end of shoe strings). When our bodies are exposed to chronic stress, we see effects that override normal aging, making our DNA look like it is from a significantly older person.

The magic natural anti-aging comes from an enzyme called “telomerase” which can replenish / fix the DNA to literally reverse this damage! However, stress decreases your supply, and when the telomere is too diminished, the cell often dies, which accelerates the aging process (APA.org). 

Additionally, with the branch of science called Epigenetics, we have proven that our cells hear and respond to us. If we are talking negatively about ourselves (like, “I’m depressed”), the cells start to deteriorate. Yet, when we talk positively (“I’m so happy!”) the same cells vibrate with strength and resilience, staying strong and youthful! 

These sciences combined explain how I seemed to turn back the clock to reverse wrinkles I developed after years of grief and trauma. I am joyful today because I did the conscious work with coaches to heal, eliminate stressors, and love my life again.

My mentor, Mary Morrissey, was once nicely asked if she had plastic surgery when approaching age 69. She understood, smiled and replied, “No. I just have things figured out. So, I am happier and you see it on me.” 

This is one of the many reasons we hear the widely used term “enlightenment.” I have attended and worked at many personal development events, witnessing several people coached on stage who suddenly look 5 years younger after an “ah-ha” breakthrough moment that transforms them! I have seen it with MANY of my clients too!

When we do the work to let go of the past and bring bliss into our life, we not only FEEL lighter, but we LOOK lighter, younger and more vibrant! No expensive creams or procedures needed! Amazing right?!!

If you or a loved one are ready to bring happiness, youth and light into your life… do NOT do it alone! Reach out for a FREE SOUL VISION QUEST in the form below, so you can be guided to the inner and outer beauty you deserve beautiful butterfly!

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