When a caterpillar is ready to transform into a butterfly, it goes into a cocoon for a radical transformation. During this time inside it is messy, unpleasant and literally turns into a gob of goo, so it can be reborn into a beautiful butterfly. 

Just like the caterpillar, we MUST go through a transformation to get to the next stage of who we are. As spiritual beings having a human experience, this change takes us to the next level of our spirituality. 

The difference is, humans transform MANY times in our lives! NOT just once like the caterpillar. 

During this time, we can feel very off balance, confused, sad, depressed, lost, lonely, unfocused, and tired. Some of us will isolate by going into a “human cocoon” while the transformation takes place. It can feel very uncomfortable, especially if we are not aware that this is part of the human experience. 

With awareness, we can welcome it, knowing we are moving to the next level of self and go with the flow of the process, versus fighting it feeling we should not be there. 

The famous singer James Taylor is a great example of this “cocoon” time. Taylor wrote one of his greatest hits “Fire and Rain” in rehab while recovering from drug addiction, deep depression over failure of his band, and the suicide of his beloved childhood friend. It was during that time of healing that gave him the space to transform to the next level of who he was as a singer, songwriter, man… and his career took off soaring! “Fire and Rain” became a number one hit and was even listed as No. 227 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time in 2004.

Other examples of “cocoon” time would be after a breakup/divorce, loss of a loved one, changing careers, a perceived “failure,” graduating high school or college, and after emotional, physical or sexual abuse. We go through major transitions after these pivotal times in life, moving us to a higher level of our true self. Sometimes the time of transformation is quick, while other times it may take months and even years. 

For me, I have a “cocoon” pattern of transformation every 4-5 years. When I am transforming, I welcome my cocoon time, giving myself the space and freedom to feel, grieve what I need to and face it head on WITH support from my coaches and mentors. I do NOT do it alone. The “cocoon” is simply the safety of my home, my heart, and the mentors I trust. I protect myself from outside influences such as the news, social media and certain relationships that take effort and energy. I only allow energy into my space that serves me during my transformation and does not take away from it. 

WITHOUT SUPPORT THIS TIME CAN BE VERY SCARY, LONELY AND PAINFUL! That is why all masters have a mentor they can rely on. They know it is part of being human and they welcome the growth AND the support from trained individuals. 

Today, I am very grateful to understand this part of the human experience and have the honor of helping beautiful souls go thru it with power, ease and grace, just as my mentors continue to help me. 


Just as Mother Nature guides the caterpillar, we ALL need guidance as we transform. We do NOT need to do it alone. I AM here for you beautiful butterfly and so are many other souls in the world ready to serve! Reach out and welcome it, so you can soar to your next stage of your incredible life!! 

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